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How to get free robux

Roblox Corporation came up with this ingenious idea of providing a gaming platform where the gamers can change the dimensions of the game as they please and as they wish. Robux generator plays crucial role in building the game , by generating free robux and tix easily. The idea took form into the shape of the game called Roblox, which has become a famous hub for gamers and gaming designers alike.

Free Robux generatorWhat does Robux generator do?

Are you passionate about your game? Then you would know that you can make money (Robux) in only three ways-

  1. Playing continuously crossing multiple levels.
  2. Using real money to buy them.
  3. Using the Roblox generator.

While the first two options are available, they are not as viable as one might think. The first one consumes a lot of time and effort and the second one requires you to spend real cash. The third option is the most recommended as it is faster, free of cost and most importantly, it doesn’t stop your gaming.

Benefits of using free robux generator

Apart from providing you with unlimited Robux, the much needed gaming currency, you also get to enjoy other features with the Roblox generator, like,

  1. No worry of getting your disc or device infected with unknown malware or virus as there is no download or installation required.
  2. There is no OS dependency as it works on all platforms the game is compatible on.
  3. It does not cost you a penny and is absolutely free to use as many times you want.

So start building your world with free Robux from Roblox generator!

Launched in 2005, this is a multiplayer game with a massive reach across the world. The game focuses more on children and teenagers who would love to build and learn about programming, coding, stocks, etc. The game revolves around a virtual world designed and created by the gamers themselves with bricks of their favorite colors and shapes and the gamers also have the ability to control/allow other players to visit their world and socialize with them.


The most important aspect that everyone looks for in a game is whether it is compatible across multiple platforms. Games which are not versatile will lose out on the long run and fail to reach a massive customer base. Roblox definitely covered this aspect by making the game compatible in multiple platforms including the most used Android and iOS on smart phones. Additionally, the game is also compatible on OS X, Xbox one, Fire OS, Mac OC and MS Windows.

Game play

As mentioned before, the game is played by building your own world and socializing with other players through your and their world. There are multiple activities for the players to participate in like combat with others, crafting / designing items, exploring the worlds looking for resources, gathering them, etc. Additionally, every player is associated with a character which can be customized to their liking. For instance, if you like you can change the clothes and the gear that your character is wearing,  or change the shape of the face or body or add a hat or any other accessory as you deem fit.

 The game also allows players to create or design their own items like clothing which can then be sold for the game currency. Even special collected items can be sold or bought with other players. Of course, these will need you to be part of the Builders Club, a premium membership that has a fee associated with it.

Players can create their own friends list or add followers as per their wish. This way, you can decide on who can join your world and who cannot. Also, there are groups for communities to actively participate in other activities or to mingle with other people or to advertise about their worlds and their games.

Until the end of 2016, the Roblox saw more than 30 million users every month playing the game for more than 300 hours per month. There were also more than 50000 designers of games as of end 2016 which speaks on the reach of the game across the world.

Building the Roblox world

The game is quite addictive and has garnered a lot of attention worldwide.

The main feature of the game is to build your own world and to help you in this objective there are bricks and other items available in different colors and shapes from the Roblox studio. This studio is basically an application that also features a library with free scripts and free models for players to use in their 3D worlds. The programming language in use is the sandboxed version of Lua and with that one can create their plug-ins or other tools to customize their world. The gaming environment can also be changed as required with these tools.

Currency of the game

The gaming currency which can be used to buy various items and to upgrade yourself in Roblox is referred to as Robux or Tix. The Tix is nothing but tickets which can be exchanged at the market place in Roblox for more Robux. Every task you accomplish and every level you cross, will earn you some Robux. If you are a member of the Builders Club (BC) in the game then you stand to win Robux through various means such as

  1. A daily stipend
  2. Sale of items in the BC,
  3. Selling game passes.
  4. Developer attribution
  5. Affiliate programs

For free members, while there is no stipend, they can make use of the other options. However, while the Builders club members will be able to sell items in BC and take 70% of the profit, the free members can only sell game passes and will get only 10% of a share in the profit made.

This brings us to the real question on how to get Robux, the game currency without putting in too much effort or time. Yes, you can buy them through the game store using real cash. But there is another option available to you which is completely easy, free, non-time consuming – the free Robux generators.